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I suppose my About Us section is a little misleading - Guitar Dreams is simply my own personal site, which has evolved to be much more than I originally imagined. In the near future, I very hope there is an 'Us' to Guitar Dreams because at the rate the site is growing, I will soon need an 'Us' to help run it! So for now, the 'Us' is you and I! Ok, enough of that! What is Guitar Dreams all about? As the name implies, this site is devoted to furthering the dreams of guitarists. At the core, are the Guitar Dreams lessons which take a guitarist through the many aspects of guitar technique. I believe that once we gain proficiency with technique, a huge barrier falls down, leaving in its midst the freedom to create with our great instrument. So if Guitar Dreams is about nothing else, it is about helping you break down that barrier. Of course there are many other aspects to guitar besides technique. With this in mind, Guitar Dreams provides the ability for members to submit their own lesson material, so that as a community, we can create a self contained body of knowledge covering all imaginable aspects of our instrument. To further this community mindset, Guitar Dreams has a member forum where diverse guitarists can get together and share thoughts and dreams.

For now, that is the essence of this contunually evolving site. I hope you enjoy everything that it has to offer.


Brian Huether

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