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Category: Sweep Picking, Arpeggios

Guitar lessons covering basic arpeggio theory and the sweep picking method of playing arpeggios
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7th Arpeggios (5 exercises) Popular,    by bhuether15-Apr-2003 58401  
Description: This lesson introduces you to a brand new type of arpeggio called the 7th Arpeggio.
Exercises in this lesson
                 Major 7th Arpeggio  Popular
15-Apr-2003 48352
                 Minor 7th Arpeggio  Popular
15-Apr-2003 9187
                 Dominant 7th Arpeggio  Popular
15-Apr-2003 8005
                 Half Diminished 7th Arpeggio  Popular
15-Apr-2003 8172
                 Major Fun  Popular
14-Jan-2008 3867

Arpeggio Sequences (3 exercises) Popular,    by bhuether14-Apr-2003 69053  
Description: Ok, so you know some arpeggios - now what? In this lesson, I will show you a couple ways to creatively use arpeggios in your playing.
Exercises in this lesson
                 Triad Arpeggio Triplets  Popular
15-Apr-2003 9346
                 Triad Arpeggio Quadruplets  Popular
15-Apr-2003 5848
                 Sequencing Triad Arpeggio  Popular
15-Apr-2003 5941

Triad Arpeggio Inversions (6 exercises) Popular,    by bhuether15-Apr-2003 38476  
Description: This lesson revisits the triad arpeggios, showing several inversions (inversions are just arpeggios or chords started from a different note)
Exercises in this lesson
                 Major Triad Inversion (root)  Popular
15-Apr-2003 5004
                 Major Triad Inversion (1st inversion)  Popular
15-Apr-2003 3792
                 Major Triad Inversion (2nd inversion)  Popular
15-Apr-2003 3711
                 Minor Triad Inversion (root)  Popular
15-Apr-2003 5316
                 Minor Triad Inversion (1st inversion)  Popular
15-Apr-2003 4094
                 Minor Triad Inversion (2nd inversion)  Popular
15-Apr-2003 3620

Triad Arpeggios (9 exercises) Popular,    by bhuether14-Apr-2003 105225  
Description: This lesson goes over an often overlooked subject - Arpeggios. And it also covers and often overlooked technique called sweep picking that is used often to play arpeggios.
Exercises in this lesson
                 Major Triad Arpeggio (part 1)  Popular
15-Apr-2003 10727
                 Major Triad Arpeggio (part 2)  Popular
15-Apr-2003 4251
                 Major Triad Arpeggio (part 3)  Popular
15-Apr-2003 3617
                 Minor Triad Arpeggio (part 1)  Popular
15-Apr-2003 5758
                 Minor Triad Arpeggio (part 2)  Popular
15-Apr-2003 3617
                 Minor Triad Arpeggio (part 3)  Popular
15-Apr-2003 3750
                 Diminished Triad Arpeggio (part 1)  Popular
15-Apr-2003 4989
                 Diminished Triad Arpeggio (part 2)  Popular
15-Apr-2003 4126
                 Diminished Triad Arpeggio (part 3)  Popular
15-Apr-2003 5223

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