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Guitar Dreams is always looking for talented guitar players who want to contribute their knowledge of the instruement. The member lessons here look and function much like the main Guitar Dreams lessons. You can create customized lessons within a variety of categories (Blues, Jazz, Metal, Technique, etc) and add as many exercises, riffs, and licks as you so desire. Each can contain audio (slow, and fast), MIDI, and tab, but it is up to you to decide how elaborate you want your submission to be. But have no worries - if you decide to contribute, you will be guided through a simple series of steps that will ensure you get the right info entered, and from there all your material is automatically formatted and presented in a professional manner. Also, we have a tutorial that explains the process of lesson submittal.

Additionally, we are looking for talented guitarists to write tutorials and columns on a variety of subjects related to our shared passion. Perhaps you have a secret of achieving stunning tube amp tone. Or perhaps you have deep philosophical opinions on achieving excellence on the guitar. Just send an email, and if the material is appropriate it will be published on Guitar Dreams. Depending on the nature of the article you will receive $10-$20 and you will have the personal satisfaction of knowing that thousands fellow gutiarists are viewing your article.

So start contributing today and share your knowledge with thousands of aspiring players!


Brian Huether

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