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Exercise TitleLesson TitleDateHitsRating
Exercises of the Month19-Jun-2004 7577
This exercise looks at a typical 3-note-per-string scale pattern, and shows one approach to unleashing creativity.
Exercise TitleLesson TitleDateHitsRating
3 Octave Scales15-Apr-2003 3912
This exercise shows how to play throughout the fretboard by playing the Locrian mode in 3 octaves.
Exercise TitleLesson TitleDateHitsRating
Exercises of the Month07-Sep-2003 17983
This exercise serves as a tribute to one of the most talented guitarists to ever walk the earth - Jason Becker. We go over a famous lick from his song Altitudes to continue our studies into creative use of arpeggios and intervals.
Exercise TitleLesson TitleDateHitsRating
Pentatonic Scales27-Jan-2008 4537
In this guitar lesson I will show you how to add some flash to the familiar blues scale. Get ready to scorch your fretboard with this one!
Exercise TitleLesson TitleDateHitsRating
Diatonic Scales and Modes14-Apr-2003 5831
This exercise covers the last of the 7 Major scale modes.

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