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Alternate Picking

Guitar lessons focusing on alternate picking - this is where to go to develop monsterous speed picking chops!

Chords and Harmony

This section contains guitar lessons on chords, harmony and related topics.


Guitar lessons covering various classical music pieces that are guaranteed to take your technique to a higher level!

Exercise of the Month

Guitar lessons that cover a wide variety of topics that are guaranteed to increase your guitar vocabulary!

Jazz Concepts

These lessons cover a variety of topics related to Jazz.


Guitar lessons covering hammer-ons and pull-offs, with a focus on developing fast, smooth, technique

Melodic Concepts

Guitar lessons covering a wide variety of topics with a focus on using technique in a melodic, meaningul way


This category covers a wide range of lessons that do not otherwise fit neatly into another category!


Guitar lessons covering basic theory of scales and modes as well as technique. Scales covered include Pentatonic, Diatonic, Harmonic Minor, Melodic Minor, Jazz Melodic Minor, Diminished, and Whole-Tone
Pentatonic and Blues2

String Skipping

Guitar lessons covering string skipping with emphasis on using the tecnique to play arpeggios

Sweep Picking, Arpeggios

Guitar lessons covering basic arpeggio theory and the sweep picking method of playing arpeggios


Guitar lessons covering the basic tapping technique as well as more advanced concepts such as tapped arpeggios

Welcome to the Guitar Dreams lessons. These free guitar lessons online are geared towards lead guitar technique. The various categories are shown above. Feel free to start anywhere you like, but I highly recommend starting with picking technique and legato, and then moving onto scales. I think you will find once you nail down your picking and legato technique, that you be able to play with freedom and confidence, because those technical barriers will be removed. And with these barriers gone, you will be able to focus on creating musical ideas. That really is the ultimate goal here - to break down all technical barriers and to reach new musical heights. It will not be a quick process though. I will be honest about that. But if you are here at Guitar Dreams, then I suspect that you are committed to becoming the best player you can be. So pick a category above and get started!

All exercises contain a MIDI file, and most have audio also. The audio files let you get a feel for what the exercises are supposed to sound like at various speeds, but I find that the MIDI files are better for learning purposes. With MIDI files, you can adjust the tempo to match you current level, and you can loop them too. So take advantage of those MIDI files!

There are 36 Main Lessons and 15 Categories in the database

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