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Main link categories
  Gear (11) These links cover all aspects of gear from $4 strings to $5000 amplifiers.
  General Music (2) This section covers a wide variety of sites that musicians in general will find useful.
  Guitar Communities (14) These are links to general guitar communities that cover about every aspect of guitar that you could imagine.
  Guitar Lessons (27) These links are geared specifically for guitar lessons.
     Jazz, Blues 
  Guitar Tab (6) Links to sites dedicated to guitar tab
  Miscelaneous (8) Other useful, miscelaneous links
  Recording (6) Here you will links that cover all aspects of music production, from mixing to mastering.
  Software (tools, plugins) (8) Here are links to software that are indispensable for quality home recording
  Tablature (2) Links here cover guitar and bass tablature.

There are 84 Links and 11 Categories in the database

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