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Guitar and music oriented columns on a variety of subjects
  Chord Voicings for Guitarists
In this guitar lessons column, I will show you the most useful Jazz chord voicings for a wide variety of chord types.
.: Reads: 32319 :: Sections: 7 :.
  Chord Substitution
In this article we will look at various chord substitution techniques used to add harmonic interest to plain, static chord progressions.
.: Reads: 4146 :: Sections: 3 :.
  Are you having trouble playing cleanly? Here's why
This thought provoking article talks about the importance of playing the guitar cleanly.
.: Reads: 5356 :: Sections: 1 :.
  Chord Progressions and Soloing
In this guitar lesson we will look at one way of soloing over a common chord progression
.: Reads: 11988 :: Sections: 1 :.
  Getting to the Next Level
This article provides some great recommendations on how to reach the next level in your guitar playing, including the exciting possibility of receiving private lessons by your favorite guitarist.
.: Reads: 9804 :: Sections: 1 :.
  A Close Look At Parker
This article examines some of the musical ideas of the great Charlie Parker and demonstrates how guitar players can apply the same ideas.
.: Reads: 5532 :: Sections: 1 :.
  The Metronome: Meet Your New Best Friend!
This article talks about the often neglected metronome and how it is one of the single most important tools to becoming a proficient guitar player.
.: Reads: 5755 :: Sections: 1 :.
  Exploring our Inner Musical World
In this thought provoking column you will get a glimpse into the mind of guitar icon Steve Vai and see how Steve approaches songwriting and musical expression.
.: Reads: 3467 :: Sections: 1 :.
  How the Pros Practice
This column takes a close look at the practice discipline of seasoned pros and provides insightful tips to take your guitar playing to the next level - the level of the pros.
.: Reads: 5910 :: Sections: 1 :.
  Revisiting Arpeggios
In this article, we examine 7th arpeggios and focus on playing them up and down the neck as a further means to develop guitar playing confidence across the entire guitar fretboard.
.: Reads: 5538 :: Sections: 1 :.
  Re-inventing Scales
This article has us looking at the Mixolydian Scale and examines how we can transform it into an unusually cool sounding new scale that will inspire your guitar playing for countless hours!
.: Reads: 7511 :: Sections: 1 :.
  Ear training - from the mind to the fretboard
This article talks about ear training as a valuable means to take your guitar playing to the next level.
.: Reads: 19143 :: Sections: 1 :.
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